Are Remote Employees Good For Business?

How can a business get the most out of its employees? With no supervisor on the round, and no peer pressure, working from home may seem like a dream come true for employees; but is it good for business too?

People do not get much motivation while working from home. The goal behind work has to be increased productivity, rather than comfort. Unfortunately, working from home lulls people into a false sense of security, and they stagnate in their comfort zone.

If you are a beginner, and just want to start up your business, then it might be profitable, initially, to hire remote workers. Many people have started running companies from their homes and later successfully expanded to bigger office spaces.

Keep in mind, however, that to be noticed in the industry you need to jump right in. You need to be active and present, and seen out and about at all important places and meet all the right people.

Therefore, if you intend to grow famous fast and be noticed quickly, then choosing to work from home may not be the right option for you.

Before Thinking of Hiring, Imagine Yourself As A Remote Employee

There is an endless list of drawbacks associated with employees working from home. As attractive as the idea may seem, there are numerous distractions, some of the major ones being their spouse, TV, kids, pets, and the fridge. Another major drawback associated with this idea is the lack of accountability.

In other words, such distractions could become a hindrance for someone working from home. Do not underestimate the discipline and self-control required to stay as productive while working from home as you would be in an office environment!

Secure in the knowledge that there is nobody watching you or asking you how much you have done, you are subconsciously more relaxed as compared to when working in an office environment. In simpler words, a person working from home is not as pressurized as one working from an office, which makes him a comfort seeker when it comes to work.

A serious businessperson must realize that a typical office and work environment is required to attain a maximum level of professionalism and work efficiency.


Hiring remote employees should only be considered as a temporary solution to a business problem. It is not a permanent solution because expansion of businesses requires expansion of space as well.

There are only a few people around who are disciplined and devoted enough to keep away from all the distractions at home and work around the clock as if working in an office.

For an average employer, it is a considerable business risk to allow every worker to work on his or her own terms and work from home.

Managing a business with remote employees is a game of trust and tact; you need to know whom you can trust, and you must have a tactful backup plan for those who try to cut the corners.